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Soon Lifetime Deal | Manage Team’s Day-To-Day Activities

  • Soon is a collaborative employee scheduling software that helps you manage your team’s shifts and leave requests.
  • The platform allows you to create work shifts on a kanban board with statuses to indicate which shifts still need to be scheduled.
  • You can streamline communication and reduce clutter in other channels by using the comment section on each card.
  • Team members can easily update their availability, request leave, or ask someone to cover their shift within the platform.
  • Intra-day activity planning ensures there’s always coverage for your team’s vital tasks throughout the day.
  • You can customize leave management and create your own leave categories, making it easier to track time-off for you and your team.
  • Soon provides detailed attendance data, timesheets, and leave requests that can be exported for your HR and payroll teams.
  • Best suited for businesses and freelancers who want to track shifts, manage leave requests, and streamline communication.