Jikoo Lifetime Deal

Jikoo Lifetime Deal | Chatbot Powered Ticketing Platform

In today’s modern age, it’s not enough to have a great product and service. You have to be able to market it effectively. And this is where the power of conversational chatbots comes into play.

Today, many companies have a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are tasked with dealing with any issues that arise. But this is time-consuming and costly for the business. They need to hire these people and pay them to handle all the problems that come up with their customers.

There is another option. Companies can use chatbots to offer personalized customer service. It can be done with a variety of different platforms, but the most popular ones are Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Kik.

Using these platforms, you can build chatbots that can answer basic questions from your customers. You can also use them to give personalized offers to your customers.

These chatbots can even act as personal assistants, providing answers to customer questions in real-time. Customers can type their questions into the chatbot, and they will receive an answer within seconds.

Conversational chatbots are extremely effective. They’re not just fun and entertaining, they’re also very efficient at finding and answering the questions of your customers.

But there is one thing that chatbots can’t do. They can’t actually make the sales for you. They don’t have a salesperson to sell your products to your customers. That’s what a live agent can do.

What makes a live agent different from a chatbot? Well, the most important thing is that a live agent has a personality. And when your customers talk to a live agent, they can sense that they are talking to a real person who has a personality and is dedicated to their customers.

This is something that cannot be replicated with a chatbot. So in the end, it doesn’t really matter how much money you spend on marketing. Your customers won’t buy from you if they can’t trust you.

With Jikoo, you will be able to create live chatbots that look like human agents.

It will allow you to build a conversational ticketing platform that allows your customers to talk to you directly without having to worry about waiting for a customer service representative to get back to them.

Your customers will feel more comfortable talking to you. You will be able to better communicate with your customers and provide a superior customer experience. This will result in more sales for you.

Jikoo Lifetime Deal (TL;DR)

  • You can create interactive chatbots that are connected to all of your marketing channels, such as emails, websites, Facebook, etc.
  • You can then use these chatbots to improve the customer experience and drive conversions.
  • Your chatbot can be customized to your brand and to any industry vertical.
  • The tool allows you to build the chatbot from scratch using a drag & drop interface.
  • Best suited for – e-commerce owner, small and medium business owner, agency, digital marketer.
  • Alternative to – Dialogflow, Talky.io.

Jikoo OneTime Offer Price — $49

  • Unlimited chatbot
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Websites/workspace — started from 3
  • Seats — started from 5
  • All features of this software based on plan
  • All future updates are included
  • 60-days money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Pricing — started from $49/lifetime