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Henita Font Lifetime Deal | Modern Calligraphy Typeface

Calligraphy has always been one of the most artistic forms of writing, but it has also become more popular lately.

But it’s not just a nice way to write out your name or address on an envelope. It’s also a great way to personalize your business and branding.

It gives you the ability to make your business more unique and recognizable.

You can use it for branding, logos, packaging, greeting cards, wedding cards, magazines, and more.

If you want a modern, cool font that will make your brand stand out, then you need to get this font — Henita.

It is a modern calligraphy typeface that is perfect for logos, branding, packaging, wedding cards, magazines, greeting cards, and more.

And it has a wide variety of alternate characters that allow you to customize your designs even further.

It also has ligatures. These are special symbols that make your text look more interesting.

If you need a stylish typeface that will really show off your work, then Henita is the font for you.

Henita Font Lifetime Deal (TL;DR)

  • Create beautiful calligraphy-style fonts and lettering for any purpose.
  • Very cool fonts that have a modern calligraphy style with abundant alternative features.
  • Perfectly made to be applied especially in logos, labels, magazines, books, greeting/wedding cards, packaging, fashion, book covers, and many more.
  • Multilingual supports.
  • Best suited for — all types of creative professionals, designers, and businesses.
  • Alternative to — Adobe Typekit, Comic Sans, Helvetica Neue, and the list goes on…

Henita OneTime Offer Price – $25

  • Digital download
  • Unlimited Commercial licensing rights
  • Pricing — only for $25/lifetime